Besides this MAJOR challenge, I have a simple one that I would love to try out that I found on Pinterest.

’31 Days of Journal Prompts for moms’

I wanted to pursue this challenge just for the simple fact that, I love my children and I need to learn to embrace the joys, once more. So, here goes.

DAY 1: #parentingadvice

Ha! I absolutely can not give any parenting advice. However, what I can do is tell you that you better have a lot of love for coffee and Jesus! Kids will be kids. Every child is different and needs different attention. NEVER A DIFFERENT LOVE, just different attention. I don’t care how much you say you love your child, they WILL get on your nerves at time.

If you’re reading this and saying amongst yourself that I am, in fact, WRONG- please, give me your secret!

Oh, and also, NEVER EVER pray for patience. *my opinion*  Because you’ll get what you ask for. What could possibly be wrong with that, then? Well, simply put- patience is something that is earned, not given. Meaning, you’ll be tested to your limits. So, if you’re praying for patience, you’re already on the edge- then you’re going to be tested and….oh, would you lookie there, you just jumped off that edge! Instead, try praying for the ability to know when you just need to walk to the other room and lock the door. Yes, the child(ren) will follow you and cry- seriously, cover your ears, breath and pray.

I just had another overwhelmingly heavy weight lifted off my chest. I basically just preached something that I, obviously, needed to hear.

&& that folks, is my “Parenting Advice” Coffee Jesus, and pray not for patience, but for knowledge. Until next time, my friends, stay blessed.



-Kayla Diane