The kids and I have never been to church on a Wednesday. We’ve just recently started getting involved. Anyways, I decided to go last night. I loved it- well, what I got to hear of it. While the girls were in children’s church, I had Jacob (my youngest- 9 months) with me in class. Next time I will be better prepared to keep him entertained.

When church was over, the girls came into the room while I was putting Jacob in his car seat. They were caffeinated, or so it seemed. Running, crawling, jumping everywhere. I couldn’t help but get tickled but it was time to go home. Instead of listening to me, they just kept on doing their on little thing. Again, I ushered them to come. I guess you can figure out that I had to use my stern voice.

Finally, they listened. While loading into the truck they was talking 90 to nothing. I couldn’t understand anything they were saying! At this point, I just wanted to get home and get them in bed.

This Morning: We got up and I did my usual routine. When it came time to  read my challenge for today, I just shook my head.

DAY 4: #kidsarecrazy

Ironic, right?! My kids are nothing short of crazy. They’re crazy funny, then they’re ‘Cray-Cray’. They act crazy and they drive my crazy.

It seems that as soon as I opened my eyes, the girls were already fighting and tattle telling on each other. Every 5 seconds! I hadn’t even had my coffee, yet!! Honestly, that’s how most of my mornings start. When I say that I have to have a whole lot of coffee and even more of Jesus to get me through the day, I am not lying!!

Also, I’d like to throw in something. It sort of takes away from what I am supposed to be writing about; but, then again, it adds to it. Every morning I read my family devotional. My memory verse for today is- “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! your workmanship is marvelous- and how well I know it.- Psalm 139:14”. The devotional goes on to talk about how we all are wonderfully made, everything about us.

Needless to say, I truly believe I was meant to complete this challenge.

Even when I am weary, I love my crazy kids. Once baby #4 gets here, my crazy household will be complete. I tell you folks, God knows EXACTLY what he’s doing!

-Kayla Diane