Today was just an average day filled with laughing, crying, screaming, jumping…and spontaneously puking. It was nothing short of wonderful. Really, no sarcasm intended!

We had to be up before the sun this morning to run some errands and it took a major toll on my children. “It’s still dark outside, Momma!” That’s all I heard for about 20 minutes. After our run into town, we came home and from there I thought surely they’d go lay back down. Wrong- Oh, so wrong. When naptime came around….Ha! Who am I kidding? Nap time never happened! It was supposed to, though.

I laid all 3 of the kids down. I even listened to see if I could hear any commotion going on. Silence. Beautiful and complete silence. You can never be to sure.- Peaked in the girls door; sound asleep. Peaked in on the baby; sound asleep. I sat back down and laid back in the recliner. I wanted nothing more than to embrace slumber at that moment; and, I did.

Not even 20 minutes of being asleep I woke to a loud, “BOOM“.    -pause-   Real quick question: have you ever been so tired and you’ve just fallen into a nice snooze, something has woke you up, startling you- making you tremble out of fear? Yeah? Well, that’s how this particular ‘wake up’ was for me.

I jump up and ran into the kitchen, where the boom came from, only to find…….

Day 12: #mommyfail

Alicia and Amanda dipping in the ice-cream. HOW?! They were just asleep! Sneaky little bandits, they are. I call their little scheme, “Scope of the Scoop.”

They, legit, acted like they were sleeping; waiting for me to be out of site. Due to me being asleep on the couch, extra precaution had to be taken. THEY SNUCK RIGHT PAST ME! Here’s where the, commonly gross, puking comes in play: Realizing they were caught, they froze. Just standing there, my oldest daughter pukes. At this point- we are all standing there looking like a bunch of Tarsier’s.   Wiping her mouth, Alicia says, “Mama. You scared me.”

I usually get worried when my kids vomit, even if it’s a little bit. However, in that particular moment; all I could do was laugh. I got her and the floor cleaned up. Let them finish their ice-cream (I wasn’t about to let them waste it!) and that was that. No nap.

For the 100th time, we watched ‘Trolls’. In that moment, it dawned on me that I hadn’t read my devotional. I had got so caught up in my day, it slipped my mind. Before opening, I already knew that somehow, someway, whatever verse was for today- it was going to be on point!

“Listen to my prayer, O God. Do not ignore my cry for help! Please listen and answer me, for I am overwhelmed by my troubles.- Psalm 55: 1-2”

Would you like to know something? He definitely heard my cry for help. Bedtime came early- best part, I didn’t have to fight with them to go to bed! After multiple times of checking, it’s safe to say that they are undoubtedly asleep.

Now, it’s my turn to ‘Scope the Scoop’.

-Kayla Diane